Testimonial one:

"Scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across an ad for a self-defence course at HTC. At the time, i was in a really bad place and I knew I needed help. Kirrilee & Shaw arranged for me to meet with them to discuss what I wanted to get out of the course. They made me feel so welcome and I wasn't judged for feeling how I felt. 

Throughout the course, my confidence started to grow to the point where I didn't need to be walked to my car after each lesson anymore. Kirrilee & Shaw were so welcoming, hilarious and knowledgeable that it made me feel like perhaps for the first time in a long time, I was in the right place. I had the confidence to not be so afraid and it made me feel like I was in control again. As a result, I become a survivor, not a victim." 

Testimonial Two:

"being and older woman I was hesitant about joining a self-defence class despite being very interested. From my first enquiry regarding the SNV classes both Kirri and Shaw were incredibly supportive, very encouraging and the knowledge they shared throughout the program was brilliant. 

They were able to show alternatives when my body wasn't fully up to some of the moves. I felt safe to ask questions and seek assistance but what most impressed me during my SNV classes was their genuine desire to help and support others. 

I cannot recommend this enough."

Testimonial Three:

"I really liked the self-defence classes, Kirrilee and Shaw really helped me to understand things when I was struggling a bit. Was a really fun learning environment and everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves each class."