All of our coaches are highly experienced in their fields. Our coaches are extremely dedicated and passionate about teaching. The coaches are here to assist you on your journey in martial arts.


Deacon Laugher

Grappling/mini martial arts coach

Deacon has more than 5 of experience in a variety of martial arts disciplines. He has had multiple MMA fights. Received gold at the Grappling internationals, Placed in the pacific Championships, He is a multi state champion and placed in the Australian championships.

Deacon is great with children and has a working with vulnerable people card.

Dan Fairweather

Grappling advanced coach

Dan has been training in a variety of martial arts disciplines. He has been a coach for 4 and a half years and is a fully qualified personal trainer.

Mario Kerr


Mario has trained in Jiu Jitsu for 3 years and has taught MMA for four years. Mareo currently holds the XFC title belt



Jack Nischler

Boxing Coach
Jack has had a lifelong obsession with boxing, multiple years of full time training, cage experience, multiple cornering experience in both boxing and MMA. Jacks overall ambitions of navigating his way towards an eventual professional boxing career.






















Priscus Fogagnolo

Sub wrestling coach

Priscus is a well known man in the MMA game. He was the founder of The

Hybrid Training Centre. He is a pro MMA fighter, A Judo Black Belt,

A BJJ brown belt and is currently awaiting a call from the UFC after waiting out a poor timed knee reconstruction.

Jess Street

Jess has been training in martial arts for over a decade. She holds a Taekwondo 1st degree black belt and a zen do kai 1st degree black belt. 

She has an mma record of: 2-1

Chris Crocombe

Chris has a 1st degree black belt in zen do kai, brown belt in freestyle martial arts, a green belt in taekwondo, 8 years thia experience 1 and 0 record and is a qualified level 1 boxing league coach with 4 years boxing experience.